October 12, 2016

TrishBits#27: Make The Decision

At a certain point, not making a decision is actually a decision.


I just decided something very important this past week. The hardest part was trying to decide. After more than a year of waffling & worrying, going back & forth, weighing pros & cons, feeling dread & worry, I finally hit upon an epiphany. Not deciding was, in fact, a decision to stay where I was.
No, thank you.

Now, it’s easier. I am SO decided. I still have challenges, but I’m moving forward. I’d always imagined that deciding meant giving things up. I did a little magical thought work on that belief and came up with this, much more likely idea:

Making this decision will free up so much energy that I will GET things – like inspiration, clear thinking, banishing fear, and the happy rush of being a woman on a mission.

What are you waiting to decide?

Is it time to start that diet? To quit drinking? To write the book? Dive into the project? Quit the job? Take the job? Break up? Make a first date? Get married? Move in? Move out? Make that investment? Sell the business? Hire some staff? Take the vacation and let the world spin on without you?

What is holding you back? Examine your beliefs, and get out of the yo-yo rut of maybe. Risk the uncertainty and follow your gut. Or, stop waffling and stay put (do a quick body scan – how does that feel?). Either way, no more waffles. Because when it’s time, it’s time.

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