May 4, 2015

TrishBits #7: If You’re Suffering, Then You’re Believing Something That Is Not True

Are you suffering? Then you’re believing something that IS NOT TRUE.

Feeling grief is part of being human – you miss your friends after a move, or you miss the way you used to be able to run 5 miles before breakfast, or someone dies, or you miss the days when your career was new and exciting. For some divine reason, our human experience of love and loss is intense and painful. And temporary. Grief is meant to remind us of the depth of love and joy that we’ve experienced, to clear the way for gratitude and a softening of our limiting ideas of how life is supposed to be. It isn’t meant to make us prisoners of suffering.

Here are the words that turned my life around: Prolonged, intractable suffering means that you are believing something that IS NOT TRUE.

I was trapped, at the time, in the belief that, because someone I loved was caught up in addiction and illness, then I had to do something to ‘fix’ it. I’d tried everything I could think of. Nothing worked. So, not only was I exhausted, but I was also a failure. At least, I believed that I was a failure.

That belief was not true. Rejecting that belief and practicing new beliefs about what I’m in charge of, what is ‘not mine,’ what belongs to Divine providence, how we are all on our own mysterious journeys – that’s freedom. That’s how suffering ends. It’s like magic.

Here’s more about how to end suffering. Take a first step: what are you believing about yourself? Does that belief relieve your stress? Buoy your heart? Add to your joy? If not, ask yourself: Is that true?

Coach yourself back to the truth that sets you free. It’s how you’re meant to live this life.

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