April 24, 2015

TrishBits #6: Worry Less, Love More…

The best lesson I learned from my Dad’s long life was this: WORRY LESS, LOVE MORE

Just last week, I was honored to stand at my Dad’s memorial service and say some words. I was sad, and also filled with gratitude for a big, loyal, irrepressible family who’d gathered, and for a father who taught me well.

Dad taught me how to play golf and how to tell a joke and to be responsible, but here’s the lesson he taught me best: Worry Less, Love More.

In his younger years, Dad worked very hard and worried a little too much. There were times when he felt the weight of the world on his strong shoulders. He and I had some fierce disagreements about my choices, as strong-willed daughters and the fathers who love them tend to do. But as the decades passed, and some heartache visited our family along the way, Dad became sweeter, softer, and well, just mostly full of love. He handed everything that troubled him over to his God. He got out of other people’s business, and made it his business to love them. And then, he enjoyed life with Mom thoroughly.

It’s become the cornerstone of my spiritual path, my parenting, and my work as a Life Coach: Worry Less, and Love More. It’s what I tell my clients, over and over again: “It’s Time to Love Your Life Again.”

By the time Dad left us, there was nothing but Love left in Dad’s life. No worry. Just love.

Godspeed, Dad. I know you’ve gone on home ahead of us. We miss you, and we’ll see you again when it’s time. In the meantime, I plan to worry less, and love more.

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