February 12, 2018

TrishBits #38:  Day-by-Day, Step-by-Step

About 3 years ago, Carl and I were walking our newly acquired 100-plus acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We dreamed of a little round pen, a pasture, a couple of horses, and maybe a one-room cabin nestled in the pines on the hill.

Today, that little dream has become 160-plus acres that is home to a 17,000 square-foot retreat center opening April 1 for visitors’ meetings and dining, offices for our growing Team of staff members, and our own apartment overlooking Yellow Mountain.  Plus 5 pastures, 3 arenas, 2 barns, 3 guest cottages, and more plans in the works.  Not to mention our custom labyrinth, cutting garden, and tree farm….

People ask me, “How did you do it?”  They’re curious about how to take their own yearnings into the world of physical reality.  Some want to know how to ‘manifest. Some want to know where this crazy dream came from in the first place.  Some are interested in how to write a business plan, how to find staff and horses (whatever their ‘horses’ may be), or how to create a vision.

I don’t really know much about business plans – though I’m learning.  Nor am I an HR expert – but I’m getting better at making good hires.  There are lots of talents and skills that make ‘manifesting’ easier, such as Carl’s engineering brilliance and my intuitive sense of what we need in order to ‘hold space’ for our guests.  It also helps to be retired with grown kids; much of this is about divine timing.  And it helps to spread your vision, which happens naturally when you feel great passion.  It makes marketing a cinch.

It helps, also, to remember to value those times when all is not going particularly well….  We have made so many mistakes!  From the ‘eagle view’ of divine timing, you can value the times that you got off track, found yourself stuck at a dead end, or made a poor decision.  What were those mistakes ‘for?’  They were for YOU.  To learn what you needed to learn, to practice getting back on track, to know what you needed to know in order to get where you’re meant to be.

But skill and talent and even timing are truly not the key ingredients.  I’m pretty sure about this.  Unlike Oprah, there are few things that I know for sure.  But here’s one:

When inspiration strikes, it helps if it finds you working.

It’s the day-by-day, step-by-step ‘doing’ that makes our dreams come true. 

When you follow your heart, and put energy into exploring options and seeking expert assistance, then your next task is to work and work and work.  Not the kind of work that is frantic, or drudgery – but it is work, nonetheless.  Creative, occasionally tedious, sometimes routine, frequently inspiring, and often thrilling WORK.

As my writer friend Connie says, ‘I have lots of ideas to write about, but first I have to sit my ass down in my chair.’

Here’s to your dreams, and to right timing, and to your very own ‘chair.’  Make those dreams come true….


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