November 15, 2017

TrishBits #36: Love Without ‘Fixing’

The hardest lesson that I had to learn as a parent was this:

I love you, and I feel for you, and your journey is not mine.

It took a LOT of practice – and the universe sent me a relentless series of opportunities to learn it, but it finally stuck.

I’m offering this to you as we move into winter holidays, when families gather, and we have fantastical visions of sugarplums and homecomings full of laughter and such.

The most reliable way that you can actually enjoy your loved ones is to be very clear that your empathy is a gift, but your frantic intrusion into problems in order to ‘fix’ them is not.

Yes, you may disappoint people who are dear to you.  But, if you are clear about what IS your business, and you take good care to follow the wisdom of ‘you be you,’ then you may just be the best gift EVER to your family, friends, loved ones.

You are not on this earth to take others’ tasks away from them.  Instead, you are here to inspire them.

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