September 11, 2017

TrishBits #35:  Take Care of Yourself, First

At Blue Star Ranch, we invite visitors into the arena to do groundwork with horses. The horses do what horses will do – sometimes they mosey along at a slow pace, sometimes they run around, sometimes they jump and play.

If you’re not familiar with horses, all this can be a little bewildering.  But with plenty of coaches around, we offer support and instruction and a linked-arm technique for teaching you how to calm your horse, or how to invite your horse to match your energy level.

And, ALWAYS, the very first lesson is this:

When you are worried, or distracted, or unsure — Go to the center of the arena, and breathe.

When you breathe, deeply and from a ‘centered’ place, it’s amazing to watch your horse’s response.  He slows, he looks your way, and he may even approach for a gentle nuzzle.

This lesson is a perfect metaphor for the variety of reasons that people come to the Ranch:  It works with parenting.  It works with leadership, team building, communication, relationships, trauma recovery, and grief.

It works. 

Today, find the center of your ‘arena,’ the place where you bring your talents and energy to make something happen.  Settle into your imaginary arena with deep breaths and a solid, steady weight on your heels.  Let your shoulders drop.  Stand straight and strong. 

Now, you’re ready to bring your whole self to your work, your relationships, your life. When you take care of yourself first, then your interactions with others come from a place of integrity, rather than from fear or distress.

As we say at the Ranch, ‘Be the energy that you wish to see in your horse.’  And that goes for your humans, too!

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