April 11, 2017

TrishBits #32: When the Ball’s in Your Court

Have you ever noticed how other people can pressure you to put your energy toward their needs, rather than toward your own priorities?  Some people are sneaky and manipulative, which can actually make it easier to resist.  Or rebel later.

Some people are just plain needy.  You might feel sorry for them, and want to help.  Interestingly, though, experience shows that pity is a poor substitute for good boundaries.  Pity is patronizing.  It’s dis-empowering.

Some people in your life may be very demanding.  Whatever pressure you’re experiencing, you have the right to set a boundary.  Don’t collude in pressuring yourself to measure up to other people’s expectations.

You might be juggling a lot of balls right now.  Take a look at where they came from.  Are they really yours?  Or are you being pressured to be good, helpful, pleasing?

Are you even interested in playing this game?

If not, you don’t have to return the ball.  Or volley it, catch it, run after it, or even notice it.

It’s not your ball.  It’s not your game.

Play by your own rules, and your generosity towards others will come from the heart.  Heart-felt generosity is effortless, and it makes magic happen in relationships.

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