March 3, 2015

TrishBits #3: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Go for what you want ‘more,’ not what you want ‘now.’

Got a long-term goal that seems out of reach? Do you find yourself saying, “Next week…,” when you think about starting that diet, getting to a workout, coming clean in a relationship, getting your rear in gear on a project? We all tend to do this. We all can feel bad about it. Feeling bad is a waste of energy. Funnel that energy into getting where you want to go. Sometimes a coach can help; take a look here.

Let Go of What You Want ‘Now,’ If It Gets You Closer to What You Want ‘More’

I know it’s hard to make changes. I’ve been there. Here’s what helps: Get crystal clear about what you really, really want. And then, feel how hard it might be to get there. And then, take 10 minutes, in quiet, all by yourself, and write down all the ‘hard’ things you’ve ever done.

See? It’s ok. You can do ‘hard.’ You can even do ‘impossible.’

Now, imagine how you’ll feel when you get there. See it, name it, revel in it. Visualize you, reaching your goal, as many times a day as you are tempted to veer away from it.

Remember: “Anything can happen. Anything happens all the time.” – from the movie, “This Is Where I Leave You”

2 responses to “TrishBits #3: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize”

  1. Melinda says:

    This is fantastic. Thank you, Trish. Just what I needed today!

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