March 29, 2016

TrishBits #21: What Wants To Happen?

Stop working so hard, and see what happens next….

Stop working wo hard, and see what happens next...

Are you working too hard to make something happen in your life?  It might be a project at work that just won’t come together, or maybe it’s a relationship that is simply not going to be what you thought it should be.  Or, you might be caught up in our culture’s ridiculous ideas about what a parent ‘has to do.’ You might be trying to prove yourself by controlling someone else – all with the best of intentions….

We are taught from an early age to work hard in order to succeed.  But, how do you decide where to channel your effort?

Instead of following the rules about what you think you’re supposed to do, try asking the question, “What wants to happen here?”  This question opens you up to the possibility that there is a Wisdom in the universe.  That there is a best course for you that is not of your own making.  This simple question is profound.  It poises you to find the current of your life, and to decide to focus your personal effort in service to where the current wants to take you.

I spent an afternoon recently with one of my most beloved authors, Mickey Singer, who’s the author of The Surrender ExperimentHis book tells the tale of his journey away from personal control and toward surrender to ‘what wants to happen.’  It’s a terrific read – not just a good story of his incredible business success, but also a guidebook to spiritual growth and finding a life of joy.  He told me, “Get your ego out of the way, and you’ll glimpse the Divine waiting for you.”

When you find your course, then your effort is suffused with joy and – ironically – feels effortless. You’re flowing downstream, not working to move upstream against the current.

Our work at Blue Star Ranch is our own experiment in ‘surrender.’ Nothing at the Ranch came about because of our notions about what was smart, or even logical.  It all came together in an amazingly synchronous way that makes a day dragging pastures or exercising horses one of fluid effort – hard work that feels easy. This wants to happen.

Are you wondering how to get still and quiet enough to hear what wants to happen? You may find the perfect opportunity at one of our summer events at the Ranch. 


My coaching advice here is very simple:  Try your own experiment – stop working so hard and see what happens next.  Drop me a line and let me know how it goes, will you?

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