February 16, 2015

TrishBits #2: Tell the Truth

How will you get what you want if you don’t admit what you want?

Scientists say we lie without much thought; it’s automatic, when we’re trying to be sociable and pleasing, or when we’re trying to get something without being too obvious, demanding, or rude. It can be innocent, but it can also become an insidious habit. Here’s your coach’s advice: Stop That. Here’s an example of how ‘being nice’ doesn’t work.

It’s Time to Tell The Truth, Especially to Yourself

Try, over the next 4 days, to be exactingly honest with yourself. Jot down how often you smooth over your dismay or resentment. How many times do you try to convince yourself that you should do something that you don’t want to do? What if you came clean? Your loved ones already know, intuitively, when you’re lying. It muddies the intimacy waters. Caveat: Don’t suddenly dump your years of pent up resentment on anybody. It’s your own fault if you’ve built up a bit of bitterness. But the path to freedom is through Truth. How will you get what you want if you keep denying what you want? Choose the Truth, and you choose Joy.

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