January 1, 2016

TrishBits #17: Make Your New Year’s Resolution “Stick”

To develop a new habit, ‘stick’ it onto another habit that you’ve already committed to.

New Habits

This is a day on which we start anew! A diet, vitamins, jogging, meditation, more ‘me’ time, less worry…. But, if the stats are correct, less than half of us will still be doing what we’ve resolved by next month.

Here’s a simple way to make small changes that become life changes: Start with small, concrete steps that you can take in conjunction with habits that you’ve already developed in your daily routine.

Here’s how it works: Say you want to include more antioxidants into your diet. Or, vitamins. Or, less alcohol. Well, survey your daily routine. What do you do every single day, already? You almost certainly brush and floss. And, you may count on that 4:00 coffee and donut, or that glass of wine as you prepare dinner. Instead, make it a goal to add your new habit to a current one.

Keep your vitamins beside your toothbrush, for example. Go find a pretty piece of crockery to store your calcium & fish oil in and make it a part of your vanity routine – brush & swallow the supplements.

If you shrug on a robe as you awaken to take the dogs out or start the coffee, ditch the robe and shrug on leggings & a T shirt, instead. It makes it much easier to get in just 1 Sun Salutation before rushing into your morning routine. Add one more Sun Salutation every 4 days and by February you’ll be stronger and a bit leaner, with a habit of 30 minutes of yoga a day.

Your afternoon sugar and caffeine habit can be a tough one to break – so, instead, just delay it. Walk to the coffee shop, or climb the steps a few times before you pour a cup. Add another 5 minute delay every 4 days and by February you’ll have established a habit of walking 30 minutes a day.

And, instead of pouring wine at 5 or 6, brew some specially crafted green tea, in a handsome iron tea pot with real tea leaves and use a sterling strainer to pour tea into a gorgeous mug. Sip it through dinner prep. You can still have a glass of wine with dinner, if you want, but you won’t drink as much.

Make these changes with a heart full of compassion for yourself and your body. Develop an eye for beauty in your surroundings and give yourself the comfort of fine, lovely things. Wrap a cashmere scarf around your neck as you stop to sip your tea. Get some kickass walking shoes. Find a cheerful yoga mat and keep it rolled out in a vacant room with candles and matches nearby.

Make these simple, ‘sticky’ changes, and you’ll stick with it. The unexpected bonus: Your Soul craves these simple rituals of care, centering, and presence. You’ll be amazed at how calming it is to simply ‘take care’ of yourself. And when you’re calm and centered and energized – just watch! Your new year is gonna be huge!

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