August 25, 2015

TrishBits #13: Calm is Contagious

Calm is contagious. -Trish Ring, Ph.D.

Be the energy that you wish to see….

What’s on your ‘Must Do’ list today? Who’s counting on you for meeting a looming deadline, solving a tricky problem, or just being in two places at once? Too many tasks and not enough downtime plus a conscientious mindset (you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have one) is a recipe for frantic, anxious energy. Does this sound like you? OK. Take a breath. And another one. And, one more, deep breath. You’re calming yourself, just by breathing consciously.

When you calm yourself, you change the dynamic of any group, team, or family that you’re a part of. (The opposite is also true: If you allow your anxiety to rise, others in your group will rise up to meet you.)

Be the calm in the storm, and see the storm abate.

This is particularly true of children, who are generally more adept at matching the energy or emotive states of adults around them. If you have an anxious child, the last thing she needs is for you to worry more about her. She needs to find a quiet anchor. So do you.

When I coach clients with the horses, it’s clear as crystal: Approach a horse with nervous energy, and off he goes, into an anxious trot or canter. But, when you calm yourself, your horse mirrors you. He calms down, too.

Here’s more on tackling that To Do List. While you pare your list down, practice these calming techniques: Today, stop in the midst of frantic activity and be still for 15 seconds. When resentment rises, start a mental gratitude list. Practice this mantra: “There is always time for what is important.” Notice the trees and get yourself rooted in your mind. And, anchor yourself with mindful breathing. Because calm is contagious.

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