June 24, 2015

TrishBits #10: STOP! WAIT A MINUTE…!

Take time – even a tiny bit of time – to nurture your Summertime soul.

Do you remember summers when you were a kid? What were they like? What was your favorite pastime? Take a minute, or even less, and go back to those days in your mind. Savor the smells and tastes and sounds.

When I was about 9 or 10, before summer reading lists and summer jobs, I remember long days of pick-up kickball games with the neighbor kids, drinking from the water hose, sipping honeysuckle off the backyard fence vines, the smell of Off! in the air and the crisp sting of chlorine in the neighborhood pool. Bike rides with my brother and the dogs. Grilling out with my folks. A little bit of boredom, every once in a while.

Those summertime memories bring back a sense of utter freedom that is harder to come by now, as an adult. But freedom is exactly what your soul yearns for.

So – stop your hurrying around. There’s very, very little in your life that can’t wait a minute, or two. Or a day? Two? If you can’t imagine taking the time to re-create summertime languor in your daily schedule, at least go back there briefly in your memory. Breathe in your memories and savor what freedom feels like.

And, consider this: You are free to choose what your soul needs. Yes, even as an adult. Even with all that you imagine must be done. Try this experiment: Give yourself a little freedom, and see if the important things get done, all the more easily…. Let me know how it goes, will you? Post your comments here.

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