January 12, 2017

TrishBits #29: First Things First


It’s mid-way into January, now… so, how’re those new year’s resolutions holding up?

If you’re faltering – and, if statistics are right, most of us will be – here’s a fresh take on why you might be in epic fail, and why that doesn’t mean what you think it means:

This is the time of year when we are bombarded with well-meaning, supposedly inspiring, pushy advice about how and who and what we should do/be/eat/not eat/remember/forget – so, most of us conscientious people try to do everything we are supposed to.

We try to do too much, too fast, with no kindness or sympathy for ourselves and no sense about how to make sustainable, progressive progress.

Just stop that.

I know that’s my own brand of pushy advice, so feel free to ignore it.

But, if this rings true for you, consider a different, slow-but-steady track.  Consider looking to what happens in our natural environment when change is afoot.

At the ranch, we are blanketed in snow and all is cast in a bluish light while horses rest, activity slows, and we take care of the basic maintenance that winter demands.  It looks as if not much is happening….

But, look again!  The horses are resting, and when it’s time, they’ll join in their daily exercises and pasture outings with more energy than they could rustle up late last autumn.  The staff is refurbishing our buildings, tack, and supplies, and doing training to get ready for our first class of coaches-in-training who’ll arrive this season.  Seeds of all kinds are lying dormant but ready to sprout when the time is right.

How might your resolutions look if you were to honor this dormant time in your life, and encourage new growth with consistent kindness?  One step at a time, with patience and persistence and an eagerness for the spring to come?  What if you were to celebrate the tiniest green sprout, instead of demanding a fully grown pasture – in the dead of winter?

What if you aren’t ‘failing,’ but instead are getting feedback – that you need to focus, on first things first…?

Try it, and let me know, would you?

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