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“Thank you so much for sharing the wonder that is Blue Star Ranch. From the horses to the staff to the immaculately kept grounds, the place brims with not only quality but care and love. I have visited the ranch twice, and both times have been equally memorable and meaningful to my life. My experience in the round pen with Brando was amazing and incredibly heartfelt. I hope that this beautiful place will stand for years to come.”

Jessica Johansen

Stuart, FL

“A week after my visit to Blue Star Ranch, I’m still basking in the wonder of the place, people, and creatures. So many thanks to Trish and Carl for your vision to create this stunning ranch and your generosity in opening it up for visitors. I’m inspired and clear from your wisdom and equine coaching, rested and rejuvenated by the energy of the land. I can’t wait to return!”

Jennifer Shryock

Missoula, MT

“This beautiful bucolic ranch exceeded expectations! The setting, landscape, and facilities are exquisite.  Every detail attended to with care and consideration.  I’d never experienced equine coaching before and found it to be profoundly moving and insightful.  Trish Ring is exceptional at what she does.  And she and Carl work collaboratively to make every gathering unique and meaningful.   If you want the experience of a lifetime, come here!!”

Wendy Wyatt

La Canada, CA

“My first morning in our lovely lodgings at Blue Star, I decided to start my day with some chamomile tea. I slipped a cup from the sleeve of disposable ones our hosts had so thoughtfully provided, made my tea and arranged myself in one of the overstuffed cozy chairs near the kitchen window. I noticed the Blue Star logo had been printed on one side of the cup. And on the other: Love Your Life Again. How did my cup of hot tea know why I had come here? Blue Star has exceeded my expectations in every way. The air is crisp. The grass is velvety. The horses are majestic. And the staff is accommodating, gracious, and welcoming. Thank you, Trish & Carl. You have created a place that is both relaxing and enlivening all at the same time.”

Valerie Hersch Zaffos

Weston, FL

“I want to thank you so much for sharing Blue Star Ranch with us.  It is a wonderful place doing great things to help people have a change in their life. The horses are beautiful; pony and donkey too. Having them bond with people is just cool!!!  I drive by everyday, sometimes 4 or 6 times. I am so glad to share what you are doing, as much as I understand it. My intention is that one day I can spend a day or half day to figure out me. Thank you again so much, Blue Star Ranch!”

Marianne Vines

“I just returned from my second coaching day at Blue Star, and it was another fun and insightful day!  My time in the round pen was a little easier the second time around, thanks to great coaching by Trish at last year’s session.  I laughed when I saw that my horse was miniature Dottie, but quickly connected with her, and we were ‘joined at the hip’ by the time I had to say goodbye.  Our lunch in Trish and Carl’s beautiful new home was a highlight, from the flowers on the table to the Blue Star pimento cheese!  Just like last year, I gained insights from Trish over lunch that help me to better understand myself, and how I respond in certain situations. The lessons I took away last year helped me to modify my behavior in a way that has brought me more peace and freedom in my daily life. I look forward to incorporating what I learned this year as well. Thanks, Trish, Ali, and all on the Blue Star team, for another great experience!”

Lee Duncan

Memphis, TN

“I’ve visited many horse properties in my work as an Equine Facilitated Learning Coach, but none compare to the hospitality and attention to detail of Blue Star Ranch. The care given to guests and horses alike is par excellence!”

Yvette McIntire

Master Life Coach & Certified Equus Coach

“Since I have only been around horses a handful of times in my life, I had no idea what to expect! Being alone with Little Joe in the ring was both exhilarating and humbling. RingLeader Equine Coaching was truly amazing and the surroundings just impeccable! Even though it was for only a short time, bonding with such a strong and beautiful animal was something I’ll never forget!”

Art Cruthirds

Memphis, TN

“Every bonding experience proved magical and inspirational!”

Polly Gilbert

“Blue Star Ranch is a magical place. From the view coming over the first hill looking down on the valley, to the horses and the people, I felt awe and inspiration and the potential for connection and healing. I can’t wait to go back!”

Hannah Pasquinzo

Fayetteville, AR

“My visit to Blue Star Ranch was one of the best I have ever experienced. The setting was beautiful, the staff helpful and the coaching was world-class. I have been on numerous leadership/ team-building events previously, but this was by far the most effective and useful one. Following the Blue Star experience, I find that I better communicate with colleagues and also my children. I also feel that I strengthened my leadership and coaching skills since I have more insight in how I come across to others. Thanks for a truly life changing experience.”

Helen Piper

Cupertino, CA

“Blue Star Ranch is a little slice of heaven. It was almost surreal as I drove over the hill and could see the ranch through the mist. Every member of the staff made me feel welcome and cared for.”

Ellen Yale

Charlotte, NC

“Blue Star Ranch is absolutely breathtaking with stunning views in every direction. Believe me when I tell you that ranch life takes a village and there is a pretty awesome village of people at Blue Star that 100% love what they do. During the time I was there, Trish had also invited a few of her fellow coaches to experience the ranch for the first time. All of these women were so kind and supportive of one another and spending a little time with them was a big helping of soul food that I didn’t even know I needed until I got it. Bonus! And the cherry on top of it all was that spectacular sunset! The mountain is already calling me back so until the next time Blue Star Ranch.”

Kim Miller

Memphis, TN

“I can’t begin to describe how beautiful Blue Star Ranch is, from the handcrafted star over the front gate, to the perfectly elegant barn and covered round pen, to the serenity of the labyrinth. Everything there is first class and lovingly thought out for the comfort of both guest and horse. And the horses! They are gorgeous, and they know it. Every person on the staff is thoroughly professional and genuinely warm-hearted. ‘I have the best job in the world’ is something I heard frequently from them. Dr. Trish Ring is an intuitive master of a coach, so don’t miss your chance to be coached by her in the round pen! Miracles happen there.”

Amaya Pryce

Everett, WA

“I found myself on a quail hunt in SW Georgia a few weeks ago…one of the “really nice” ones where you follow the dogs on horseback. Historically I haven’t been much of a “horse person,” having had some unsavory prior experiences with them. I will say, though, that after my session with Dr. Trish Ring at Blue Star and understanding how intuitive the horses are in assessing our energy and approach to them, I decided to approach the prospect of 3 hours on a horse in the Georgia pinewoods not with apprehension, but rather with a positive assumption that this would be just fine and a lot of fun…and guess what…it was!! So, thanks for changing my approach to those amazing animals.”

John Stephenson, Jr.

Atlanta, GA

“I am so very grateful for our wonderful time in the mountains and at Blue Star. Your time and attention, as well as the depth of your souls and the passion that you poured into each of us was far beyond what I imagined.”

Martha Simkins Davis

“It will take you to a place of peace, tranquility and awesome wonder. It offers a respite from the normal chaos of life. A moment to cherish, reflect and dream. The perfect recharge! I can’t wait for the next time!”

Dennis Calvert

Laguna Hills, CA

“The environment and beauty of Blue Star Ranch alone is enough to just get on a plane and GO! That combined with the absolute gracious, generous and expert support working with stellar coaches, combined with the deep and powerful work with horses means you will not find a more powerful experience to immerse yourself in.”

Tamsyn Hawkins

Bristol, UK

“Blue Star Ranch exceeded all of my expectations. What a fabulous setting to host an executive retreat. Our experience with the horses provided excellent team building experiences as well as personal growth reflection. Dr. Ring and her team led us through a remarkable experience. Many thanks to the Blue Star Ranch team for a truly memorable experience. I highly recommend it to other teams.”

Maureen O'Connor

Institutional Advancement Le Bonheur

“Blue Star Ranch is a picture-perfect place to connect with yourself and nature while being taken such good care of you’ll never want to leave. The staff is superb and the care and attention to detail in the barn and on the grounds is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Don’t miss the peaceful meditation labyrinth. The views will soothe and relax you and the time with the horses will inspire and teach you more than you could imagine. You’ll treasure your experience at Blue Star, and you’ll find yourself dreaming of when you can return.”

Carla Robertson

“I loved being in the cradle of Blue Star. It was an incredibly nurturing, enfolding and enchanting place.”

Cameron Hill

Eve Eaton

New York, NY

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