August 3, 2017

Super S’mores Showdown

As most users know all too well, Pinterest can be a game of “Champ or Chump” when you dive off that creative springboard into the wonders of pallet furniture, food out of mason jars, and rainbow drink concoctions. With the opening of Blue Star’s fire pit, we were all drawn to the allure of “Specialty S’mores”. One look at all that amazing ooey-gooey deliciousness and we knew we had to take the plunge!

Our ranch crew picked five variations of this favorite fire treat and then we scored them from 1-5 stars. The competitors for Blue Star’s Super S’mores Showdown were The Black Forest, The Cheesy Peach, The Grasshopper, The Nutty Buddy, and The Tropical Tornado. Here’s how they stacked up.


This dark beauty featured crispy chocolate Graham crackers, succulent dark chocolate and sweet cherry pie filling. Critics said it was a bit rich but a great option for any backyard gathering.






With no marshmallow, this sneaky s’more ranked lowest in our test.  It was made up of warm brie, dark chocolate and I used drained canned peaches

The flavors worked well together in this variety, but the dark chocolate was just not enough to sweeten the score for this creamy pseudo-dessert.




This minty treat is not only super easy with only chocolate Graham crackers, mint patties, and a toasted marshmallow, but was also one of the judges’ favorites. The chocolate melts super well and the flavors blended beautifully.





By simply replacing our chocolate bar with a peanut butter cup, we hit a new Dimension with this s’mores variation. The peanut butter adds depth without overpowering this treat and again it melted well, allowing the flavors to work together.






This Hawaiian inspired treat  took the gold!! By simply mixing sweet pineapple, white chocolate, and a traditional graham cracker, this delicious concoction left our crew in a blissful awe.





So whether you are a dark dessert lover or a light fare enjoyer, you are sure to find a new favorite treat in this lineup. Light up your imagination and have fun with it!! We hope to see you by the Blue Star firepit very soon.


With food and love,


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