January 20, 2016

TrishBits #18: Reconnect with Nature to Reconnect with Yourself

Stay close to nature, and be reminded that you are part of an infinitely grand plan….

Look into nature, and then you will understand everything better. -Albert Einstein

My husband Carl and I have been developing a horse ranch in rural North Carolina for the past 18 months. The land has been plowed and planted, the fence posts placed, massive beams hang on cranes, and our horses know this place is home, now.

I spend my days here at Blue Star Ranch in a state of physical effort and spiritual wonder that was sorely lacking in my city life. I lose track of time. I stare at the creek that bubbles under the bridges, and at the sky. The sky is so blue that it doesn’t look real.

Sometimes there’s trouble in paradise. We struggle with the heavy rains and something’s always broken – a gate hinge, maybe. Some erosion in the paddock. A late delivery to the hay barn. Yesterday Donkey Hodie chewed through the electric wires that keep his water from freezing in its bucket. Carl, an old-school mechanical engineer, fixed it pronto. Sometimes I think that the work of it, the ‘tending to’ this land, makes it even dearer. It is a part of ourselves.

Living this close to nature, with animals and newly planted strawberries depending on us, we are called to attend to a part of ourselves that we’d lost touch with, that part that is aware of and responsive to the rhythms and intelligence of life.

We watch the weather: Dark comes earlier, so it’s time to rest. The sun is out, so it is time to be outside. Snow is coming, so we need to gather supplies. The winter turns the wildflowers and grasses into wheat-colored brambles; their green growth stalls while their roots strengthen for the coming spring showers. It is a fallow time. Not dead, not dying, not empty. Just full of infinite possibility for the coming spring.

All of us have seasons in our inner lives that nature can show us how to cultivate, embrace, harvest, and celebrate. Nature’s rhythms are a template for coming back to our true selves.

It is our hope and dream that Blue Star Ranch is where we all find our way back to the lives that we love….

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