The Power of Group Work

Harnessing the power of the group is a skill set for many different helping professions. Whether you coach a group of trainees, manage a sales group, lead a youth group, teach a class, coach baseball, or sit on a board, discover skills that will transform your group from a gathering of individuals into a cooperative, creative team.

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The Power of Group Work

Develop mindful leadership that harnesses the power of the group. 

Facilitated by the Faculty of RingLeader Equine Coach TrainingDr. Trish Ring, Meagan English, and Yvette McIntire.

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We’ve worked together at Blue Star Ranch to coach corporate teams, family groups, equine coaches in training, and retreaters in group process.  We’ve developed this training that goes beyond what you may already know – about forming, norming, and storming, for example.  You will learn how to mine these stages for clues about how to move the group forward.  You will learn how you, as group leader, often inadvertently establish norms of avoidance or power hierarchies.  You’ll learn to LOVE group work, and when you add group work to your practice, you’ll expand your practice in exciting ways.

WHEN: The Power of Group Work Part 2, coming Fall 2017
HOW:    It’s easy! Register below and get the details about how to phone in or participate online
WHO:    This training is for coaches, teachers, trainers, & team leaders of all kinds – it’s for leaders who want to polish leadership skills, understand why groups sometimes get side-tracked, and use the wisdom of group dynamics to build trust and boost performance.


  • Have you reached the limits of your 1:1 client load and have no idea how to increase your revenue?
  • Do you wish you could work with more clients simultaneously to increase your dollars per hour and your impact?
  • Are you already leading a group, but finding it hard to bring everyone onboard with a common vision?
  • Is the group you lead breaking down because cliques and factions are thwarting forward progress?


Learn the solid research and techniques that few of us are trained in – how to make a team out of a group!


What you get:

  1. A free 90-minute video conferencing call via
  2. 45 minutes of instruction followed by 45 minutes of Q & A and live coaching
  3. Practical, skillful tools to turn a group of virtual strangers into a cohesive, working team
  4. A recording of the call that’s yours to review and re-listen at your leisure
  5. A handout to download that’s full of tips and a reading list

How you get it:

Register – it’s free – and receive call-in details.  This call will be recorded.  All who are registered will receive an email link to the recording.

By participating in this free call, not only will you take away ideas to start transforming your practice, but you’ll be on the “First To Know!” list for our upcoming training and coaching series – a course that will take participants deeper into the nitty gritty of what you need to know to run successful groups!  You won’t want to miss it!


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Trish Ring Ph.D.

Master Life Coach & Equine Coach

Dr. Trish Ring has been practicing psychotherapy since 1990 and has reinvented her practice many times – as a professor, consultant, radio host, author, and coach. Her career has taken her on many paths of discovery and magical happenings, and she now devotes her time to coaching executives, workshop participants, and fellow coaches at Blue Star Ranch in Cashiers, NC, where she and her husband Carl are building their dream home and have established the ranch as the premier equine coaching facility in the American Southeast.

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Meagan English

Certified Life and Equus Coach

Meagan English is a Certified Life and Equus Coach™, as well as an author, speaker and consultant. Meagan specializes in helping professional men and women to discover what they want most, what’s standing in their way, and then supports them in breaking through those obstacles to achieve their very best – in both their life, and career (primarily via one-on-one coaching and Equus Coaching events).

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Yvette McIntire

Master Life Coach & Certified Equus Coach

Yvette McIntire is a Master Life Coach and Certified Equus Coach, who partners people with horses in equine assisted ground activities empowering clients to embrace and express their true self.

She “preaches” self-love and acceptance as a fast-track path to life fulfillment and believes there is no better way to reveal your level of honest self-expression than in the arena with a horse.


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