November 6, 2017

Ending the event season with a bang!

October is a beautiful month to visit Blue Star Ranch!  We partnered with two groups of coaches to host life-changing retreats this past month.

We partnered with Jill Farmer and Margaret Webb to host their Light Your Fire Retreat.  This group of 12 women of all ages, including mother-daughter and sister pairs, traveled from around the country to meet up at Blue Star Ranch.

The 4-day Light Your Fire event offered Labyrinth meditation, Fire-Starting activities, story-telling, song, and ritual designed to allow guests to reignite their passions and find the spark in their lives.  Saturday was a day of RIngLeader Equine coaching led by our own Trish Ring and visiting partner host Margaret Webb.

Jill and Margaret have a true ‘super power’ in their skill, talent, and compassion as community-builders, and it showed in the joy and camaraderie of their group!  They all loved working with the horses, and we hope to see many familiar faces back at the Ranch very soon!

Jill and Margaret have held this event annually but this was the first year at Blue Star Ranch. We are pleased to announce that   we will see them returning to Blue Star Ranch in 2018.


“I have held workshops, events, and retreats all over the country. Blue Star Ranch is, by far, the best venue I have used for my events. The combination of incredibly appointed facilities, a fabulously professional and hospitable staff, a stunning mountain setting, and uniquely meaningful learning opportunities (equine coaching, for example) make this my top choice for corporate leadership training and personal development coaching retreats. Blue Star truly delivers the 5-star experience in a one-of-a-kind package. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Jill Farmer

Earlier in the month, we hosted  Wild Courage, led by Carla Robertson and Leslie Vanderpool. This event brought women together for a true back-to-nature experience.  They hiked, wandered through forests for sit spots (mediation in the outdoors), spent time reflecting, and journaled their inner experience.  Carla and Leslie bring their own reverence for nature to their coaching, and we all felt the magic of slowing down, taking time, and staying present in nature, together.

One participant, Susan Waits, captured her experience in a poem that she wrote during a journaling session.  She’s graciously shared it with all of us:

The Bird Calls

By Susan Waits

The bird calls, come, come hither.
Sit with the trees and moss
and raindrops like jewels.
Sit with time and space
and  infinite pools.

You belong, she calls 
there’s no need to fear.
You belong, she says,
you’ve always been here.

Do not be afraid of your wild, she calls,
It’s the essence of who you are.

Do not be afraid of you magic, dear girl,
It’s as sure as the moon and the stars.

Do not be afraid to take risks,
or to sit very still for days.

Do not be afraid to get older,
a thousand times you’ve been this age.

Do not be afraid to be lonely,
or to trust the way that you feel.

Do not be afraid of your voice,
it has the power to heal.

So stay here my dear,
until the moon shines on your face.

Stay here my dear,
until all your fears are erased.

And when you remember
my call on this day,
remember the most
that your heart knows the way.


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