August 10, 2016

The Importance of Play by Jenny King

By Jenny King

When was the last time you really played?  We get bogged down in the minutia of daily life and sometimes forget to step outside and breathe.  Dr. Trish Ring has created a place of magic called Blue Star Ranch that can help with that.  Dr. Ring, who holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology, has acted as a Life Coach for the last 4 years and says, “I’ve probably had more fun and effected more change in the last 4 years than I did in the first 20. I think that’s less a reflection on therapy and more a reflection on this truism: When it’s time, it’s time.”
She is a RingLeader Equine Coach™ at her new facility in Cashiers. Blue Star Ranch is a private horse ranch on a 140-acre expanse between Highlands and Cashiers that is open for private and group coaching sessions. It’s experiential learning at its most powerful, but as Dr. Ring says, “It’s fun!”

A Ringleader Equine Coach™ adheres to the basic principle that whatever happens in the round ring is a mirror of what is happening somewhere else in your life. Your coach helps you discover the insight that is waiting for you. The beauty of learning in this kind of environment is that it really sinks in.

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