December 30, 2013

For a Truly Happy New Year: My Top 5 "What If’s?" for 2014

MyBeach640My favorite question is, “What if?” I’ve been daydreaming the question since I was little, I’ve beleaguered teachers & parents along the way to growing up, it fueled my research, drove my consulting practice, and now offers the best, fastest way to freedom that I can imagine to my coaching clients. Want to try it out? Here goes:

Here are my top “What If’s” for 2014. Try them on, really sink into the possibilities, and see how a little change in your thinking can change… well, EVERYTHING:

#1.   What if you stopped deciding what to do next based on what you’re afraid of? Go for Love. Stop Dodging Fear. LOVE, BABY….

#2.   What if those bumps in the road are just part of the gorgeous tapestry that your life is weaving?  What if it’s all going according to plan?  CALM THE HECK DOWN.  It’s all gonna be GORGEOUS….

#3.   What if all the mistakes, screw-ups, hurts, betrayals, and general crap of your life up till now were, sweepingly & magically & truly – even for a moment, see if you can imaginejust simply forgiven. Gone, understood, part of the tapestry, swept clean. Nothing to make up for, no need to redeem yourself, nothing left to prove. NO GUILT.  What if you did what comes next from freedom, instead of guilt?  What comes next?

#4.   What if you stopped waiting for other people to make you happy?  Yep, I mean it. Stop waiting for your mom to stop waiting for you to be happy. Stop waiting for your kids to get it all together. Stop waiting for your husband to tell you to take some time for yourself. Stop waiting for your wife to be calmer, your boss to be over it, your client to be satisfied. Stop waiting for your ex to realize they made a humongous mistake (you already know this; it’s enough.) STOP WAITING. What if your being happy is all about you, and nobody else?

#5.   What if you gave up – even for a month, see if you can imagine – trying to figure out all the ‘why’s’ in this crazy world – what if you stopped trying to make sense of it all?  If you’re like me, we can spend (squander?) lots of time and energy trying to figure out the past, fix something that’s already over & done with, and troubleshoot a future that really can’t be predicted.  Try this instead: Embrace the mystery, and just be here, now, trusting that it’s ok to be happy because:

It’s all up to you (#4),
and You are forgiven (#3),
and Everything’s gonna be OK (#2),
and we’re done with dodgeball,
and Love Rules (#1).

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