September 1, 2017

Flowers Fit for the Winner’s Circle

engagement photo

Flower arranging was never been something I was totally comfortable with when I was younger. The first time I tried it, I even had flashbacks to every houseplant that I killed in my past…..but all it took was a little practice and some Blue Star Inspiration!  That’s why I decided to share one of my favorite projects with you; the floral garland.

These pieces are fun because the possibilities are limitless. Headbands, centerpieces, horse yokes, the ideas go on and on. Also, you can use either faux or fresh flowers, which comes in super handy when you want to keep your work for long periods of time.

To start your floral garland, you first need to decide on size. For smaller lengths such as for a headpiece, you will want to make a wire base using two pieces of floral wire. Then, be sure to, cover anything that might poke or rub using floral tape. For heavier or longer pieces such as the horse yoke used in the engagement photos,  I recommend using pre made faux vining garland and then add in the filler flowers. For our yoke, I used three separate vines braided together.

The next step is to make a series of long stemmed boutonnieres. (Tip: Keep them lightweight and taper the ends so that it doesn’t get bulky.) I make about twenty five for the average headpiece. You want to choose small focal flowers as well as some light filler flowers for your short pieces. I really enjoy baby’s breath and wax flower. For the larger projects, you can get a little more elaborate. I really enjoyed the combination of peonies, lavender, and hydrangeas that we used in our engagement photo shoot.

Finally, you get to add the flowers to your form!!! For the smaller pieces start at one point and add your first boutonniere by attaching it with floral tape. (Tip: keep your taping tidy and flat as to not add bulk.)  Then position the next to overlap the previous boutonniere and attach in the same manner. Work your way around until you cover the entire form.

For the larger pieces, you are pretty much filling in bald spots. Using the same technique as the smaller form, you can decide where you want your focus points to be and tape around the mold. At the end, you can also use  a hot glue gun to add additional leaves in places to hide the floral tape. Remember that you never want to see the equipment you use once the piece is on the intended recipient.

And Viola! You’ve done it!!! Never forget the most important rule about floral arranging though. Have fun! Let it bring you peace and not fear.

Wishing you blooms and sunshine,


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  1. The Most Rev Dr John S Erbelding says:

    Nicki. Thank you for a beautify evening we had with the Highlands Channer two weeks ago. I marveled at your demonstration in the ring. I was the Archbishop who spoke with you about holding healing training . Also as a physician I firmly believe that wellness is body, mind and spirit. The true trinity of existence. The Episcopal church does not teach this so I am. Hope to see you soon. Have a blessed day. Archbishop John Stuart Erbelding SOF

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