Blue Star Ranch

Seeks Full Time Facilities Technician

Enjoy your work and the people you work with! Blue Star Ranch seeks reliable, capable staff members to help tend our property and care for our herd. Read more about the position below.

The purpose of the Facilities Technician is to assist in the care and maintenance of the facilities and grounds of Blue Star Ranch. This individual will be responsible for facilities maintenance, repair, and handyman duties as assigned by the Ranch Manager. All tasks are to be completed to the 5-star standard in quality as well as timeliness.

Job Duties: including, but not limited to
● General maintenance including, but not limited to; electrical, plumbing, landscaping, machine operations, grading roads, stump grinding, etc.
● Conduct and document weekly building inspections on multiple residences, guest housing and Ranch buildings and structure. ● Complete assigned repairs
● Fully adhere to health and safety codes for equipment and job duties
● Operate and maintain machinery to industry standards
● Includes all heavy machinery, power tools, sign machine, RTV’s, etc.
● Maintain grounds and facility to the 5-star standard for appearance and functionality (blowing off decks, blowing out gutters, decobwebbing outdoor spaces, etc.)
● Complete all tasks assigned to the 5-star standard
● Implement best practice processes to increase efficiency
● Assure safety and security of the facility
● Provide prompt response to requests and issues
● Fix equipment, tools, furniture and fixtures to guarantee safety of its use
● Troubleshoot general problems
● Repair and replace general hardware

Job Requirements:
● Experience with construction, general contracting, landscaping, small engine repairs etc.
● Valid driver’s license & clean driving record
● Knowledge and ability to drive diesel vehicles
● Ability for physical labor including lifting up to 50 lbs.
● Able to work independently
● Self-starter
● Have own transportation
● Responsible (on time, etc.)

Schedule: The position schedule is determined by the needs of the Ranch, sometimes requiring long hours. However, in general the schedule is 5-6 days a week with some weekends as the business dictates. Holidays will be scheduled on an as needed basis as the Ranch dictates.

Compensation: Salary based upon experience, Annual Merit Increases, Flexible Schedule, Paid Time Off, Health Insurance, 401(k)

Salary: From $58,250.00 per year

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