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The Ring have selected a herd of beautiful animals that are full of personality and willing to engage with people of all ages and skill levels. We have highly trained jumpers, a tiny pony, and a young filly who is just learning to share affection with her human handlers. Our three geldings, Leo, Londo, and Smoky, are an inseparable trio that we’ve dubbed “The Three Amigos.” All of our animals are eager to please and happy to run the Herding Pen and work the Round Pen. They’re excellent, compassionate companions. Welcome home, Little Herd!


Dottie is our 17-year-old little pony who charms our visitors with her dainty gait and tiny size (10.2hh). She’s a willing partner in the ring, a sensitive mare who mirrors clients’ emotional states. If you’re lucky you will even get to see her smile. 


Gypsy is our 4-year-old filly, a young charmer who loves to play. She’s a beauty and she knows it! We call her “Pretty Girl,” and she is Londo’s favorite. She charms all the boys, including Carl. It’s a challenge to keep her white mane and feathers in show condition, but we’re getting skilled at our braiding! Gypsy is learning by leaps and bounds and stands at 15 hands. We’re looking forward to cart training her, to honor her breeding as a Gypsy Vanner.


Leo is a 14-year-old Irish Sport Horse/Paint cross gelding and our solid, steady, gentle companion. He’s good-hearted, strong, and eager to please. Leo loves to work in the ring with our coaching clients! He is patient and a willing recipient of lots of hugs. Not as large as Brando, Leo stands at 16 hands and is as sweet as they come.

Little Joe

Little Joe was named after Little Joe from Bonanza, he is on the smaller side, standing 14.2 hands high, but makes up for his size with his large and charming personality. This 11-year-old palomino Quarter Horse gelding loves to nibble and play with his lips! His curious personality makes him eager to search out treats from all of our visitors.


Londo is a 14-year-old Dutch Warmblood Thoroughbred cross with a white mane and black tail (16.1hh). His sire is the late, great Art Deco. Londo has a “puppy dog” personality, meaning he loves following you around and having his withers scratched. Londo joined Blue Star Ranch already having worked as a therapy horse in Florida.

Londo is named after South Africa’s Londolozi, a game preserve and safari adventure destination whose name means “Protector of All Living Things.” The Rings traveled to Londolozi and returned to the States with a dream of making their own protected land, and animals, a reality.


Smoky stands at 15.3-hands and has won the hearts of visitors ever since his arrival. He is and 8-year old Quarter Horse, and one of the gentlest and most loving of all our horses. He just loves to snuggle and work with our visitors.

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