Wild Courage – Reclaiming your Bravery and Magic
October 6-8, 2017


Do you wish you were braver?  Not about things like zip-lining or mountain climbing, but about speaking your truth and saying and doing what you want? Do you wonder what your life would be like if you let loose your potential? Do you watch others around you stepping up and wish you could too? If a fairy godmother appeared with a magic wand asking you to follow her into the enchanted forest and get your power back, would you go?

It’s time to reconnect with your Wild Courage. The kind of courage to be yourself in the moment–  to say yes when you need to say yes and no when you need to say no. To dance or rest, stay or leave, speak up or stay quiet. To find your truth, restore your hope, reconnect with your vulnerability, and learn to honor your boundaries.

Join Master Coach Carla Robertson and Equus Coach Leslie Vanderpool for an energizing and restorative weekend of courage and wonder at the spectacular Blue Star Ranch.  

In the modern fairy tale, you don’t need rescuing, you just need to remember who you really are, invite magical forces to join you, and emerge with your original power.

wild courage equine Nature elements and horses will teach you.
With assistance from the wild, you will tune into your body to access your deep self-knowledge. You’ll get clear on what you want and leave with a concrete path to your dreams. You’ll deepen your leadership skills so you can bring your most courageous vision to fruition.

The world is calling for us to live from a place of deep authenticity. There’s no room for masks and artifice anymore. Horses and nature elements model this wild courage for us without worry, fear or judgement. They teach us to fully see our truest selves, and that’s where the magic begins.

During this immersive weekend you’ll create a new story for yourself as you take a healing journey with kind and capable supporters by your side.

Join us to reconnect to that part of you that knows the answers, the part that is never alone, the part that can access the enchanted power of nature at any time. You’ll go home with your own magic ending, clearly mapped out, ready to share your wild courage with the world.

Schedule: Retreat begins Friday October 6 at 5 p.m. and ends on Sunday, October 8 at 1 p.m.

Friday evening:  We’ll begin at the gorgeous home of Blue Star Ranch Owner and RingLeader Coaching Founder, Dr. Trish Ring, for a welcome dinner, enchanted storytelling around the fire and courageous intention setting. You’ll leave that night primed to dream of magical possibility.

Saturday: We’ll gather with the herd in the morning to explore and practice what courage looks and feels like to each of us. You’ll have one on one time in the round pen in the morning or the afternoon with a willing and curious horse. Your four-legged compatriot and truth teller will help you remember how to access the wisdom of your body, mind and spirit,  through the magic of nonverbal interaction.  You’ll learn when your insides and outsides match and you’ll receive gentle, non-judgemental feedback from your horse along with expert coaching from Leslie. You’ll remember the power and joy of being you in the moment and learning that it is enough. You’ll discover the ease of taking the next courageous step.  All horse exercises are on the ground and no prior horse experience is necessary.  You will never have to do anything you don’t want to do and you will be fully supported by Leslie and the expert staff at Blue Star Ranch.

In the morning or afternoon, you’ll also journey into the woods with Carla where you’ll learn to converse with nature elements and receive their messages and wisdom. The forest will act as oracle, guide and healer. You’ll create new relationships with wild plants and animals as they help you access your deeper knowing. You’ll have time to immerse yourself in nature so that you can listen deeply. You won’t know what it will be until you experience it, but something magical always happens. You’ll emerge from the wild with fresh clarity, renewed wonder and insight about your next steps.

Lunch will be on site with beautiful views of the mountains.  You’ll have free time to rest, wander, curl up in a hammock or grab a rocking chair or yoga mat.  Take a second break around sunset to unwind and soak in the light changing over the landscape.

We’ll gather in the barn for a festive and delicious dinner, expertly prepared by local chefs.  We’ll have so much to share as we laugh, share and connect around the giant oak table, with the horses nearby.

After dinner we’ll walk a short distance to a very special place at the ranch. We will collect the magical ingredients of the day and ceremonially celebrate them.  Whatever the sky has to offer us that night in the form of clouds or stars will be perfect and we will relish the quiet and meditative state that comes with the dark.  You’ll leave the ranch that night full of possibility and ready to dream it all into being.

Sunday: Every good fairy tale has a happy ending and the Wild Courage experience is no different, except that you won’t need it to come from anywhere but your own fresh perspective. We’ll finalize the magic with extended time for writing and reflection, labyrinth walking, and creating special talismans you’ll take with you when you go.  Leslie and Carla will provide you with the structure to take what you’ve learned and turn it into something you can apply easily and joyfully to your life. We’ll celebrate with a nourishing lunch and wish each other well as we continue on our magical and courageous journeys.

Price per Participant: $1800

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Testimonials from some of our previous participants:

Carla and Leslie create an amazing space for growing and simply being. Their gentle guidance, acceptance, and support brought our diverse group under a safe shelter. We were able to express our fears, differences and hopes, and leave with a far better understanding of ourselves and our way of being in the world.   – Elizabeth Ledet

Retreating with Leslie & Carla was fun, personally insightful & nourishing for my soul. I walked away from the weekend feeling relaxed and appreciative of the opportunity to share in their enthusiasm for the profound simplicity of nature & how it speaks to us with such wisdom. The most surprising result of this adventure? I see the world I live in with different lenses. I see shapes, colors, bugs, birds flying overhead and butterfly wings fluttering by, that I missed before. Priceless. – Theresa Moore LCSW, LPC

Leslie and Carla are masterful at creating a warm and inviting environment where you can learn, grow and connect– with yourself, other humans, and all the other creatures and beings with whom we share this natural world. They provide a space where deeply transformative work can occur, in a way that feels supported, yet seemingly effortless, and I would also add, delightful.   -Angela Johnson

I am amazed at how much I learned about myself and my relationships from working with Leslie and the horses. I gained insight into my unproductive patterns as well as ideas on how I might change them.   – Kathy Schaefer

As a coach, Carla is refreshingly accessible and empathetic. Time with her is as comfortable as spending time with a close friend. Her observations and insightful questioning effectively outlined for me how I could get out of my own way and move forward — which is exactly what I was looking for.   – Anne Richardson


Carla Robertson

Certified Martha Beck Master Coach

Carla Robertson is a certified Martha Beck Master Coach. She has a Master’s degree in science teaching, an undergrad degree in animal behavior, & has been a nature girl since she was three. She has thru hiked the entire Appalachian Trail & her favorite place to be is in the woods, walking slowly to soak in the beauty. Her home base is New Orleans where she loves hanging out in her tropical yard with her husband & cats or leading experiences & retreats amidst the ancient oaks & bayous. Carla believes that everyone can benefit from more time in nature; it’s where we can reconnect with simplicity & clarity. Carla’s coaching style has been described as gentle yet fearless, & she loves helping her clients figure out what they really want.

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Leslie Vanderpool

Certified Martha Beck Coach and Equus Coach

Leslie Vanderpool is a Martha Beck certified coach, a certified Equus coach, a globally certified Tension and Trauma Release facilitator, and has a Master’s degree in social work. She has studied with the finest horse facilitation teachers on the planet including Koelle Simpson, Linda Kohanov, Priscilla Marsden and Nancy O’Brien. She loves how horses can gently teach us about authentic and courageous living. Leslie loves helping her clients uncover their unique gifts through traditional coaching and horse work. Some of her best teachers in have been horses all the way back to her first love at age 5, Bessie P.

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