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Kitty Flewelling

Certified RingLeader Equine Coach - Cashiers, NC

Kitty Flewelling is a Certified Master Level Coach with Martha Beck, and Certified Ring Leader Equine Coach. For the last 30 years, she has forged a career in the healing arts empowering thousands of individuals through education, spiritual counsel, life coaching, hands on healing and movement therapy. She is a sought-after teacher, Certified IAYT Yoga Therapist & 500 Hr. Level Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Mind Body Educator through The Chopra Institute, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and Master Level Multi-Certified Body Worker/Healer. She holds a B.A. in Fine Art from State University of New York. Kitty serves as the Spa & Fitness Director at Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club. She is a mother, a peaceful warrior for good, a passionate lover of life and nature, and a helpful mender for mind, body & soul.

“I have found a sweet spot where feminine strength meets the wild freedom of the horse and it is nothing less than magic.”

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Kyra Russell

Certified RingLeader Equine Coach - Highlands, NC

Kyra Russell has spent a lifetime in the study of how the mind and body can be used to strengthen our awareness of our true nature. Beginning her personal fitness journey working with Jack LaLanne at the young age of 17, she quickly realized her passions lay in helping others. Personal trainer, Yoga Therapy and Pilates instructor, Hypnotherapist and Body Worker are the ways Kyra has chosen to serve. She has led multiple 5-star Spa teams to their fullest potential, including the Spa at Old Edwards Inn, which was named the #1 spa In North America in 2010. Most recently Kyra’s love of horses and her Miracles Coaching practice has led her to RingLeader Equine Coaching. As the owner and founder of Horses & Humans LLC, Kyra coaches and inspires humans.

“Acting as a mirror, the horses show us the limiting beliefs we hold so close, but we cannot see. It truly is an experience beyond belief.”

Expect Miracles!

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Pam Weiss

Certified RingLeader Equine Coach - St. Louis, MO

Pam Weiss has practiced psychotherapy for almost 20 years and has found herself traveling a path with an ever-changing landscape over the past five years.  Helping women and men navigate life transitions is a passion rooted in her own journey.  Identifying patterns that keep us stuck is the key to creating a life which feeds one’s soul.  Acknowledging and building relationships with all parts of us in our internal world, naturally brings freedom to lead from your most true Self.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, Pam incorporates her knowledge and skills in Internal Family Systems, Advanced Bereavement Facilitation, Mind Body Stress Reduction and as a Certified Life Coach and Certified Equine Coach to identify patterns and help clients break through limiting beliefs, rediscover their inner guidance, understand their own inner landscape and create a life led from their essential Self.  Throughout her career Pam has led corporate workshops and trainings for educators and healthcare workers, retreats for grieving parents, and implemented crisis interventions while supporting caregivers in balancing stress and burnout.

Pam brings a genuine compassion, grounded calm and creativity to her work with women and men who are craving more meaningful relationships, professional fulfillment and genuineness in their work and lives.  She has found nothing compares to interacting with horses for they illuminate patterns of behaviors and beliefs which may be holding one back while giving immediate feedback in an honest, clear and compassionate way.

Contact: St. Louis, MO United States
(314) 401-9163

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