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RingLeader Equine Coach Training


This coach training, limited to no more than 10 trainees, is designed for-skilled coaches or therapists who want to add the power and beauty of equine coaching to their skill set. It’s a fast, intense, and highly effective training program that includes didactic instruction, individual and group supervision, and immersion in experiential, on-site learning at beautiful Blue Star Ranch.

Unlike other equine training programs, RingLeader Equine Coach Training will enable you to quickly develop competence as a coach directing clients in the arena with the assistance of a horse handler. Though you will develop handling skills, you will never work alone with a horse; you will always be accompanied by a staff person who is trained to assist you.

Where: BLUE STAR RANCH in Cashiers, NC

What’s included:

*  This program has been reviewed and approved by the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Office Continuing Education in Psychology (CEP) to offer 28 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credit for psychologists. Full attendance is required to receive CE credit. Partial credit is not awarded. The CEP Office maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

What’s not included:

Successful candidates for RLC Training will:


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Learn all about the RingLeader Equine Coach Training from the faculty themselves, Trish Ring, Meagan English, Yvette McIntire, and Ali Smallpage.


April 5th Q&A call with RingLeader Equine Coach Training Faculty.

March 1st Q&A call with RingLeader Equine Coach Training Faculty.

“The four faculty members are superior instructors, wonderful role models & mentors. Their commitment, focus, & passion is contagious! This training is 5 Blue Stars! I felt cared for, clear on what was expected of me, safe to experiment, respected as a person & a coach & supported by everything provided from the meals to the freedom to take care of business when I was called away. Overall, I am amazed at how much information we received & skill we developed in such a short time.”

-Kitty Flewelling, Certified RingLeader Equine Coach,
Class of 2017


“This training was an excellent immersion in equine coaching. The faculty’s individual knowledge, coaching styles, and great cohesion as a teaching team insured deep and thorough instruction. The manual supported the training very well and has been a great resource post-training. The value of this training far exceeded the investment!”

– Ann Crouse, Certified RingLeader Equine Coach,
Class of 2017

RLCT Certified Coaches & Faculty Members

Learn more about our qualified group of Certified RingLeader Equine Coaches.

Certified Equine Coach Bios

Trish Ring Ph.D.

Master Life Coach & Equine Coach

Dr. Trish Ring has been practicing psychotherapy since 1990 and has reinvented her practice many times – as a professor, consultant, radio host, author, and coach. She now devotes her time to coaching executives, workshop participants, and fellow coaches at Blue Star Ranch in Cashiers, NC, where she and her husband, Carl, have established the premier equine coaching facility in the American Southeast.

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Meagan English

Certified Life and Equus Coach

Meagan English is a Certified Life and Equus Coach™, as well as an author, speaker, and consultant. Meagan specializes in helping professional men and women discover what they want most and what’s standing in their way, and then supports them in breaking through those obstacles to achieve their very best – in both life and career (primarily via one-on-one coaching and Equus Coaching events).

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Yvette McIntire

Master Life Coach & Certified Equus Coach

Yvette McIntire is a Master Life Coach and Certified Equus Coach, who partners people with horses in equine assisted ground activities, empowering clients to embrace and express their true selves.

She “preaches” self-love and acceptance as a fast-track path to life fulfillment and believes there is no better way to reveal your level of honest self-expression than in the arena with a horse.


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Alexandra Smallpage

Award Winning Equestrian Rider and Coach

Ali Smallpage has been teaching riders, training horses, and educating horsemanship since she was 16 years old. From an early age, it’s been obvious that Ali has a tremendous ability to break down complicated concepts and explain them in multiple ways until the student understands, whether the student be human or equine.

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