Continuing Education for Equine Coaches

Cultivate Your Skills, Connect with Your Herd

This continuing education workshop is designed for Equine Coaches to learn, or refresh their knowledge of, the theory and techniques of Coaching Groups. In addition to learning and practicing with expert, supportive trainers, you’ll also have a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in residence at Blue Star Ranch and reconnect with fellow coaches, while actively participating in group process yourself.

How to Coach Groups, Families, and Couples 

Equine Coach Continuing Education


ABOUT:  Join us to reconnect with like-minded friends, refresh your practice, and renew your soulful connection to nature, horses, and yourself.

Landscape ViewThe Ranch is a perfect container for reconnecting with yourself and remembering why this work is so important to you and to your clients.

You may enroll whether or not you are a certified Equine Coach, from any training program.  This curriculum is appropriate for coaches who have basic OR advanced experience in the arena with clients.*

During this 3-day event, you will not only learn the underlying theory of work with couples, families, and groups but also directly experience the group process itself as a member of this training community.  At BSR, we truly believe that the best coaching comes from our personal, expertly guided experience of group process in all its stages.

Our model for Team Building with Corporate Groups can be modified for any kind of group – not necessarily folks who work the corporate “career ladder.”  However, we do focus on fast, intense, highly specific experiences in the arena, during which group participants learn skills, experience insight, and practice change – all within a 20-minute time frame.  We teach this model in order to prepare you for eligibility to work with Blue Star Ranch as Lead or Assistant Coaches for our corporate team-building retreats.

Dr. Trish Ring teaches classes during this workshop that lay the groundwork for our practice.  You’ll learn the psychology of group work, the concept of projective identification in working with relationships of all kinds – especially romantic partner relationships – and the unique BSR Model of Leadership, which offers a framework for relationship coaching of all kinds.

Round Pen BoundariesApplication Process: Enrollment is limited to twelve participants.  An application is required in order to ascertain your goodness-of-fit for a continuing education experience. 

What’s not included:  Travel expenses, drinks & snacks at lodging, dinners other than Saturday, optional massage service, and optional individual coaching on Saturday or Sunday.

What you can expect:

Lodging: This all-inclusive package includes clean, attractive, communal housing on the property.  Both our Bunkhouse and Mountainview House offer guests access to a full kitchen, living room, Wi-Fi, DIRECTV, and washer/dryer.

The Bunkhouse sleeps up to six in shared bedrooms with 2.5 baths and the Mountain View house sleeps up to eight in shared bedrooms with 2.5 baths. Both charming spaces are exclusively available to participants of Blue Star Ranch events.

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*Note that this event is NOT appropriate for people who have no coaching experience.  At Blue Star Ranch, we have a policy that only certified coaches may be Lead Coaches for BSR events. If you have training but are not yet certified, then this Continuing Education event will give you a Certificate of Completion that will allow you to apply to do Lead Coaching at BSR events.

If you are not formally trained to work with horses, but are curious and have some comfort and experience with horses, this event will give you an invaluable introduction to the practice of coaching with horses.  You will NOT be required to coach in front of an audience unless you wish to obtain a certificate of completion.  After this experience, you may wish to apply for our week-long intensive RingLeader Equine Coach Training.

Trish Ring Ph.D.

Master Life Coach & Equine Coach

Dr. Trish Ring has been practicing psychotherapy since 1990 and has reinvented her practice many times – as a professor, consultant, radio host, author, and coach. Her career has taken her on many paths of discovery and magical happenings, and she now devotes her time to coaching executives, workshop participants, and fellow coaches at Blue Star Ranch in Cashiers, NC, where she and her husband, Carl, have established the premier equine coaching facility in the American Southeast.

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Meagan English

Certified Life and Equus Coach

Meagan English is a Certified Life and Equus Coach™, as well as an author, speaker and consultant. Meagan specializes in helping professional men and women discover what they want most and what’s standing in their way, and then supports them in breaking through those obstacles to achieve their very best – in both their lives and careers (primarily via one-on-one coaching and Equus Coaching events).


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Yvette McIntire

Master Life Coach & Certified Equus Coach

Yvette McIntire is a Master Life Coach and Certified Equus Coach, who partners people with horses in equine assisted ground activities, empowering clients to embrace and express their true self.

She “preaches” self-love and acceptance as a fast-track path to life fulfillment and believes there is no better way to reveal your level of honest self-expression than in the arena with a horse.


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Alexandra Smallpage

Award Winning Equestrian Rider and Coach

Ali Smallpage has been teaching riders, training horses, and educating horsemanship since she was 16 years old.  She has a tremendous ability to break down complicated concepts and explain them in multiple ways until the student (whether human or equine) understands.

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