June 21, 2017

Birthdays on the Ranch

Birthday Season

We’ve welcomed two new horses to Blue Star Ranch and the Team has had birthday parties for 5 of our herd in the last few months.  Blue Star Ranch is a good place to be a horse…!

Trish chose Little Joe as her personal riding mount.  At 14.2 hands, he’s a rider-friendly Palomino Quarterhorse with excellent ground manners and a sweet but frisky disposition.  He’s trained in reigning and cattle cutting, so we’re working on settling into good trail habits. Little Joe comes from a working, western background; he wasn’t used to our petting him and offering hugs, at first.  Now, though, he hugs back! Little Joe is named after the Rings’ favorite 70’s-era television western, Bonanza!

Carl has a steady partner in Smoky, his personal riding mount.  Standing 15 hands high, Smoky is a gentle, affectionate, playful Quarterhorse with an easy trot.  He’s our newest arrival at the Ranch, and we named him Smoky because of his gray coat and in honor of our neighboring Smoky mountains and gray mists over the pastures.  Welcome to the herd, Smoky and Little Joe!

Londo, Gyspy, Brando, Leo and Joe have all had birthday celebrations since April.  Our Team loves birthdays and so do the horses!  We create horse ‘cakes’ made with animal-friendly treats like carrots, apples, and peppermints, take photos with party hats and generally just give the horses lots of love.

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Love from all of us,

Blue Star Staff

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