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The Rings are committed to building their residence and equestrian structures along the contours of the land, with an eye for "what this land wants." The Ranch is where we relax in comfort, reconnect with nature, and recommit to living a life that we love.

Trish and Carl Ring fell in love with this lush pasture and mountaintop woodland in 2014, and set out on a journey to build the place of their dreams. From their hometown of Memphis, TN, they have been visiting the Highlands/Cashiers area for the last decade. At Blue Star Ranch Trish combines her love of horses with her training as a psychologist to create unique experiences for her clients. Carl is a successful engineer and businessman, with a love of creative invention, land, and animals. Together, they look forward to welcoming guests to the Blue Star Ranch experience of luxury in nature.

“Working with clients in the Round Pen with a horse is the perfect, elegant culmination of all of the work that I’ve done for the past three decades. It’s simple, beautiful, powerful work: You see yourself in your horse, and your coach helps you understand that. And then, well – change happens, fast!” —Trish Ring, Ph.D.

“Nothing in my life is as thoroughly grounding as working with my hands on my own land with these animals. It’s just meant to be – we are in sync with nature here, and we are committed to beautifully crafted spaces that cater to the visitor’s need for respite and comfort. It’s a beautiful way to spend the second half of our lives.” —Carl Ring

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